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sarah wallace

Hello! I am Sarah Wallace; Flour’s new Assistant Pastry Training Manager! I was born and raised in Rochester, New York, where the food claim-to-fame is the “Garbage Plate.” What is a “Garbage Plate?” It is a life-changing, 4-layered culinary adventure; the first layer consists of waffle fries (must be Cajun seasoned), baked beans, and mac salad (true Rochestarians refer to a mayonnaise-based macaroni salad as “mac salad”). Then you place two, grilled hot dogs and two hamburgers (topped with cheese, of course) on top. All of this is covered entirely with homemade chili and finished with a vertical drizzling of mustard and a horizontal drizzling of ketchup. You are given two pieces of warm French bread to sop up the gooey, deliciousness’ that remains after you finish eating what feels like a life time’s supply of every picnic food you can imagine.

Besides being raised in a city you now know is oozing with culinary brilliance, I also received my Associate’s Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts and a Bachelor’s Degree in Foodservice Management from the Culinary Institute of America. I baked, trained, cake decorated and managed for the famous Magnolia Bakery in New York City and most recently completed two years of bakery management with Whole Foods Market. I love baking, I love butter, I love teaching and I love learning, which is why I could not be more excited to start my adventure with Flour Bakery + CafĂ©!