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rachael boyce

I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. I grew up in a big family filled home-cooked meals and fresh baked bread. I studied Classics for my undergrad but I always knew I wanted to end up in the kitchen. I originally wanted to be a chef but a couple of years ago I accepted a position as a baker in a restaurant back home and I fell in love. The romance of a sourdough boule baked in a brick-oven, the grace of a perfectly laminated croissant, and the smell of crackling sugar atop a creme brulee. I had never had so much fun at work and had never been filled with such passion. Flour caught my eye a while ago and when a position for head baker opened up, I jumped on the opportunity and moved to Boston. My time away from Flour is usually pretty filled between hanging with my family, running around Jamaica Pond, my own experimental baking, and exploring Boston with my favorite tour guide, Leah.