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nour elgharib

Born and raised in bustling Cairo, Egypt. I studied management and economics in college -which I loved- but soon realized the corporate world was not for me. So, I moved to Dubai and became a flight attendant instead! It was a wonderful experience, I was able to travel the world, eating everything in sight along the way. After that experience, I wanted to dive into the culinary world a little deeper. So, I moved to NYC where I studied classic culinary arts at the International Culinary Center. I then worked in a few kitchens and fell madly in love with pastries and desserts.
My husband’s work brought us to Boston, where I was eventually adopted by the incredible team at Flour in Fort Point (subtle shout out to my people!).
Some fun facts about me: I LOVE dancing. I love drag queens and cats (equally) and I love my husband, more than all of the above.
When I’m not at flour, you can find me at a cafe planning my next vacation or watching cat videos in my living room and laughing way too hard.
Come find me at Flour Dalton Street for travel advice or just some really good conversation!