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sheila aleman

I was born and raised in Caribou in beautiful Aroostook County, Maine, where hard work, family and community are a way of life! I come from a large French-Irish family of entrepreneurs that owned businesses in everything from trucking to real estate to hospitality. I spent much of my high school and college years learning the financial and operations management of many of them, including a family owned hotel. From that experience and my French grandmother’s cooking, I learned to love cooking, serving people and the hospitality industry. After graduating from Husson University with a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Public Accounting, a move to Texas brought me out of the family owned businesses and into the corporate world of Finance and Accounting…… that eventually found me back on the east coast. I have a diverse background from small startups to large corporations in varying industries. I knew the minute I met the team at Flour that I wanted to be part of supporting the magic at Flour that brings joy to so many in Boston!

When I’m not at Flour you can catch me talking to my daughter who’s a freshman this year at UTEP, cooking for my remaining family at home, my husband Zeke and son Nathan, volunteering in our church, local charities and women’s organizations as Commissioner for the WCCSW.

I love people and I love this big, swirling circle of life!