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mike geldart

When I was young I thought I would have one of those cool careers: pro soccer player or stand-up comedian. However, I was not athletic or funny enough. But, thanks to my mother and grandparents, I was drawn into a life of cooking before I realized it. My earliest memories of food come from watching my paternal grandmother putting away jams, jellies and pickles all summer for the winter. I fondly remember visiting the North End with my maternal grandfather who used to run a stall at the Haymarket decades earlier. My mother was a career changer and began managing a small cafe in Concord when she brought me to hang out during school vacations and snow days for lack of a babysitter. There, the chef took pity on my 10 year old self sitting alone playing on my Gameboy and brought me into the kitchen to teach me. When I finally chose my own career path, I attended New England Culinary Institute at the end of the 90’s. After NECI I went on to work at Sel de la Terre and L’Espalier learning how to make artisan breads and pastries under a renowned baker and pastry chef. Toward the end of my time at Sel de la Terre, I rose to running the pastry department and helping to develop and open its wholesale bread arm, Au Soleil. Realizing that bread was my calling, I went on to B&R Artisan Bread, further immersing myself in the world of artisan bread and wholesale production. My work at Sel de la Terre, Au Soleil and B&R each garnered me a nod from Boston Magazine for Best of Boston Bread. My love of food and cooking comes from always searching out new opportunities and experiences, and my next venture brought me back into the restaurant world by joining the team at Sportello and the Barbara Lynch Gruppo. Looking to dabble more in composed pastry for a bit, I helped to open Puritan & Co. as the Head Pastry Chef. From there, I moved on to Tatte Bakery, developing their in house bread program and helping to open multiple locations. Now, after almost 2 decades of devouring BLTs and Lola cookies as a Flour customer, I’m thrilled to be a part of the Flour Team!