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frank francione

I grew up north of Boston in Chelmsford, MA, in an ItalianAmerican family. Sunday dinners at my grandmother’s Somerville home were truly epic and a great reason to get together and enjoy our friends and family. While my dad, uncle, and me played wiffle-ball under the grapevine covered carport, the smells of braciola braising in marinara sauce and hand breaded chicken cutlets frying in a pan ruled the air, awesome stuff!
As I grew older my love for good food only intensified and I developed a “passion” for cooking as well too. This brought me to an 600 square foot red shack in the middle of a state forest not far from the Hudson River, with my now wife, Kristen, while I attended The Culinary Institute of America. We found ourselves living in the woods because for my 21st birthday she bought me a purebread Rottwhyler who was then 125 pounds, good luck renting an apartment with that guy. Wouldn’t have changed a thing, and Riley (our dog) gave the deer a run for their money!
When I’m not at Flour or in my kitchen, I can be found with my wife and two kids, Frankie and Everly Rose, doing the suburban weekend warrior thing either in the while mountains of New Hampshire or along the coast of Maine.

Email: [email protected]