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Falcon Reese

Originally from the bleak, urban wilds of New Jersey, I learned to obsess over food early. My mom is a pastry chef, and so I basically grew up in a kitchen. Being strictly inculcated with an insatiable sweet tooth, I ate cake scraps for breakfast, I could bake a pie before I could ride a bike, and as a precocious 7-year-old, my gooseberry crumble was ahead of it’s time, mere third place ribbon at the local 4th of July baking contest notwithstanding… After graduating from college and leaving behind an aborted career in journalism, I started working at Flour, thinking my time here would be temporary until I found sturdier footing in my job search. It took less than two months to realize that Flour was my sturdy footing, and several years later, I’m still proud to serve food prepared with the same care and attention to detail that I’d always been taught to value. The large, daily supply of bread and chocolate is also not unwelcome.