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chris thompson

I am a Boston native that moved around New England for the better part of my upbringing. Having discovered a love for cooking at a very young age from my Grandmother everything revolved around a warm plate that touched the soul. Knowing I could create something that was not only satisfying but also made people happy was a great form of communication from a guy that was relatively shy.
My experience consists of being a kitchen manager and corporate trainer for a large chain restaurant. Over many years I was able to hone my skills and find my own niche in the kitchen. I then ventured to a small but very busy café in southern Maine where I learned how to be a flexible and approachable manager also began to cook with feelings and develop my own personality as a chef. Now back to where it all started, Boston, I have most recently joined the Flour team after working for Myers and Chang. I couldn’t be happier to start this new venture, new journey that awaits my footprint. When I’m not cooking
I spend my free time with my wife Kate, fishing, volunteering with an English Bulldog rescue and working on new recipes in the kitchen.