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bob petzold

When people ask me where I’m from I usually have to ask if they want the long or short version. Born as a “Hotel Brat” in Switzerland, where we moved about 4 times before I was 8, then off to Singapore for 6 years, then to Connecticut and on to California, I guess I’ve seen a lot of the world. Being exposed to a variety of foods from a young age, I developed a curiosity for food and flavors that stayed with me. Though I never planned to pursue a career in food early on (I have a degree in Geology) I guess you can’t escape your destiny. I started in a small café just out of College and moved to San Francisco where I spent 15 years honing my craft in various restaurants. I have always loved food and travel, having recently returned from a year abroad working in Hong Kong and taking the long way home through Southeast Asia, Australia and up through South America. I’ve decided to settle down here in Boston, grow some roots and I’ve found the perfect place to do that – Flour! When I’m not in the kitchen I’m usually outdoors, camping and hiking, riding my motorbike, or out on Peaks Island in Maine watching the sun set on Casco Bay.