Flour has been making your life sweeter with awesome wonderful pastries for the last 17+ years. So how can we possibly make them even better? Starting next week, we’re launching WHOLEflour – a year-long initiative to offer more breakfast, lunch, snack, and pastry options made with whole grains and whole ingredients. If you’re starting 2018 with a vow to eat better and your favorite place in the world is Flour, don’t say farewell to your favorite treats! If you’re embarking on – or continuing – a vegan, gluten-free, or whole grain diet, we’ve got you covered. Incorporating more whole grains in your diet does more for your health than reducing salt, sugar, or trans fats so with WHOLEflour you can have your (WHOLEflour) cake and eat it too.

Instead of focusing on deprivation, WHOLEflour is about indulging in the wholesome, yummy goodness your body craves – deliciousness like pepitas, coconut flakes, chickpeas, goji berries, cacao nibs, dates, ginger, flax seeds and more – not to mention whole grain flours such as spelt, whole wheat, rye, and khorasan. There’s even a breakfast cookie! Here’s a sneak peak of some WHOLEflour pastries and foods coming to Flour:

vegan carrot ginger muffin
whole wheat apple walnut scone
currant spelt oat scone
breakfast cookie
flour power bar
commuter mix
chia seed pudding
labne and granola parfait
steel cut oatmeal
mom’s housemade granola
mixed grains and chickpea grain bowl
mustard green and farro salad
whole grain croissant
whole grain almond croissant
whole grain brioche
bittersweet chocolate brownie with wholegrain flour
double chocolate cookie with rye flour

You’ll see WHOLEflour options marked with the WHOLEflour logo and we’ll be offering a promotion to try a WHOLEflour pastry through our app. Post a picture of a #wholeflour pastry and win a dozen #wholeflour pastries every month for a year! Details coming soon so stay tuned.

We can’t wait for you to make your life a WHOLE lot sweeter with us!!


breakfast cookies