trimmings and sides
apple cider-thyme pan gravy (w/o nuts) 11/pint
preserved cherry + cranberry chutney, ginger, orange (v, gf, w/o nuts) 6/pint
spiced sweet potatoes, leeks, goji berry, scallion, ginger, hazelnut (veg, gf) (serves 4-6) 14
caramelized brussels sprouts, baby turnips, pancetta, pickled currants (gf, w/o nuts) (serves 4-6) 16
yukon gold mashed potato, buttermilk, chive, sea salt (veg, gf, w/o nuts) (serves 4-6) 14
green beans, oyster mushroom, brown-butter bechamel, almond gremolata (veg) (serves 4-6) 16

roasted mushroom + multigrain bread stuffing, porcini, celery, rosemary (veg, w/o nuts) (serves 4-6) 14
fennel sausage stuffing, dried apricot, olive, roasted fennel, savory (w/o nuts) (serves 4-6) 16

bread and rolls
country boule (v, w/o nuts) 4
buttery pull-apart rolls with rosemary and thyme (veg, w/o nuts) (serves 6) 9
cranberry-pecan rolls (bundle of 6)/cranberry-pecan loaf (veg) 6
double corn cornbread muffin (veg, w/o nuts) 3.50/each

morning treats
pumpkin spice bread with candied pepitas (veg, w/o nuts) (serves 6-8) 16
maple pecan cranberry teacake (veg) (serves 6-8) 18
brown butter cinnamon rolls (veg, w/o nuts) (serves 5) 24
old fashioned gingerbread with coffee glaze (veg, w/o nuts) (serves 6-8) 16
vegan apple cinnamon muffin top (veg, w/o nuts) 4.00/each

and dessert!
classic pumpkin pie* (veg, w/o nuts) (serves 8) 25
*also available gluten-free for pre-order only 28
southern pecan pie (veg) (serves 8) 28
double-crust apple pie (veg, w/o nuts) (serves 8) 30
roasted pear and cranberry crostata (veg) (serves 8) 30
rich chocolate cream pie* (veg, w/o nuts) (serves 8) 35
*also available gluten-free for pre-order only 38

Orders may be picked up starting at noon on Tues 11/20 through Wed 11/21. (We are closed Thanksgiving day and the day after!)
To place an order online please click here. Please place online orders by 12pm Fri 11/16.