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Starred items available with 5 days notice, please order on the phone or in bakery.

oven-ready entrees (serve 6-8)

*applewood-smoked chicken pot pie, heirloom carrot, turnip, yukon potato, celery root (w/o nuts) 62

*baked shells, caramelized turnips, escarole, cave-aged gouda, fontina, ricotta (veg, w/o nuts) 62

*red wine braised beef short rib, buttermilk mashed potatoes, garlic roasted mushrooms, 

cipollini onion, herbed beef demi (gf, w/o nuts) 80

*spiced lamb meatballs, tomato harissa, eggplant, couscous, mint zahtar, feta (w/o nuts) 72

sides (serve 4-6)

*herb roasted root vegetables, fingerling potatoes, garlic butter (gf, veg, w/o nuts) 16 

*braised escarole, golden raisins, parmesan cheese, pine nuts (gf, veg) 13 

*maple-chili wax beans, oyster mushrooms, candied almonds (gf, veg) 14

*roasted cauliflower gratin, creamy brie, lemon-herb gremolata (veg, w/o nuts) 16

morning treats

chocolate chip banana bread (veg, w/o nuts) (serves 6-8) 18

old-fashioned gingerbread with candied ginger and coffee glaze (veg, w/o nuts) (serves 6-8) 16

*vegan cranberry orange muffin (v, w/o nuts) 4 each 

nutmeg spice cake with brown sugar glaze (veg, w/o nuts) (serves 6-8) 16

sourdough pannetone with rum-soaked fruits and almonds (veg) (serves 8-10)  22

bread and rolls

*country boule (v, w/o nuts) 4

buttery pull-apart rolls with rosemary, thyme, herb butter (veg, w/o nuts) (serves 6) 9

*cranberry-pecan rolls (bundle of 6)/cranberry-pecan loaf (veg) 6 

brown-and-serve sourdough biscuits with rosemary and parsley (veg, w/o nuts) (serves 6) 9 


*dark chocolate buche de noel with white chocolate mousse  (gf, veg, w/o nuts) (serves 6-8) 35 

*lemon buche de noel with lemon cream  (veg, w/o nuts) (serves 6-8) 35

*apple pithivier, caramelized apple butter, almond cream, puff pastry (veg) (serves 8) 30

*roasted pear and cranberry crostata (veg) (serves 8) 30

*eggnog cheesecake with gingersnap crust (veg, w/o nuts) (serves 8-10) 30

*tcho chocolate cream pie (veg, w/o nuts) (serves 8) 35

*gluten-free tcho chocolate cream pie (gf, veg, w/o nuts) (serves 8) 40

*mile-high lemon meringue pie (veg, w/o nuts) (serves 8) 35

*gluten-free mile-high lemon meringue pie (gf, veg, w/o nuts) (serves 8) 40


please place orders in bakery by dec 18 at 8p or order online at by dec 20 at 12p for pickup on dec 23 and dec 24.

*available for pickup with 5 days advance notice all month long