lunch catering




roasted fennel and tomato 
served with house focaccia
serves 8-10 | 38 (veg, gf, w/o nuts)


individual salads and grain bowls

everything-spiced tuna + winter citrus salad, red gem lettuce, fennel, caper berry, mixed seed brittle, lemon-tahini vinaigrette
10.50 (df, gf, w/o nuts) *can be prepared vegan without tuna

watercress + farro, shaved radish, pickled golden beets, goat cheese, candied pistachios, multigrain croutons,
raw cider vinaigrette

10.50 (veg)

chopped greek + lemon-thyme chicken, feta, chickpeas, kalamata olive, banana pepper, green goddess dressing 
10.50 (gf, w/o nuts)

mixed grains + chickpeas, zucchini, pickled red cabbage, crimini mushroom, arugula, egg, hot sauce 10.50 (veg, df, w/o nuts) *can be prepared vegan without egg

simple mixed green salad
small 4 | large 5 (veg, df, w/o nuts)

mixed green salad with vegetables 
small 5 | large 6 (veg, df, w/o nuts)


group salads and grain bowls

everything-spiced tuna + citrus, watercress + farro, chopped greek + lemon-thyme chicken, or mixed grains + chickpeas
small 50 | medium 70 | large 90

mixed green salad with vegetables 
small 37 | medium 53 | large 69

small serves 6-10 | medium serves 12-18 | large serves 20-25



smoked turkey + swiss 9.50 (w/o nuts)
red beet sauerkraut, housemade pickles, 1000 island, multigrain

mortadella 9.50
housemade mozzarella, pistachio + pea pesto, tomato, cherry pepper crema, watercress, sesame focaccia

homemade hummus 9.50 (v, w/o nuts)
pickled daikon, cucumber, vegan sriracha aioli, cilantro, focaccia

applewood-smoked bacon** 9.50 (df, w/o nuts)*
arugula, tomato, mayo, balsamic vinaigrette, toasted focaccia

local maine tofu 9.50 (veg, df, w/o nuts)
taro chips, marinaded zucchini, miso mayo, focaccia

roasted chicken 9.50 (df, w/o nuts)
mashed avocado, jicama, focaccia

roast beef 9.50 (w/o nuts)*
horseradish mayo, crispy onions, tomato, ciabatta

roasted lamb 9.50 (w/o nuts)*
cucumber raita, shaved fennel, herbed tahini, ras el hanout, focaccia

chicken + broccoli rabe panini** 9.50 (w/o nuts)
herbed brie, roasted red peppers

grilled cauliflower melt** 9.50 (veg, w/o nuts)
oaxaca cheese, smoked poblano relish, pumpkin seed butter

sandwich platters 9.50 per sandwich
choose from our menu or let us make an assortment


bagged lunch

original: sandwich, cookies, bag of chips, beverage

healthy eater: 1/2 sandwich, side salad, piece of fruit, cookie, beverage
17 ea


group lunches

simple lunch 15 per person
assorted sandwiches, bags of chips and cookies

executive lunch 17 per person
assorted sandwiches, mixed green salad with vegetables, assorted cookies and bars
add drinks for additional 2 per person



purity organics 2.50 each
orange, lemonade, peach

spindrift seltzer 2.50 each
lemon, grapefruit, orange mango, blackberry

evy cold brew iced tea 3 each
chamomile lavender, black tea strawberry, green tea lemongrass

bottled water 1.50 each
sparkling or still


food allergy abbreviations:

gf: wheat/gluten free  df: dairy free  v: vegan  veg: vegetarian
*the consumption of raw or undercooked eggs, meat, and fish may increase your risk of food borne illness
**We are happy to include our grilled and toasted sandwiches in your order; please be aware they will not be the same as having them fresh off the grill in the bakery because they travel in a refrigerated van.
***please note that not all ingredients are listed on the menu

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Please note that we are not a nut free or gluten free facility; our kitchen processes many items with nuts and flour. We mark those items that are made without nuts or flour “w/o nuts” or “GF”. This means that no flour or no nuts were included in their making. If you have questions please feel free to contact us via email or directly.

We strive to use the best ingredients in all of our products. Our chicken is antibiotic free. Our roast beef is all natural, hormone-free, and antibiotic free for the last 6 months of life. Our lamb is grass fed, all natural, and domestic. Our eggs are from New York and cage-free.