breakfast catering


breakfast pastries

box of coffee
Fazenda coffee: french, house or decaf
includes cream and sugar
serves 10 | 28

box of tea
ten cups of MEM Tea, includes cream and sugar
serves 10 | 28

box of hot chocolate 
rich dark chocolate steamed with milk
serves 10 | 38



breakfast egg sandwich 
bacon or ham, cheddar, arugula, tomato, dijonaise
8.5 (w/o nuts)

classic breakfast 
assorted breakfast pastries and coffee
small | serves 8-12 | 75
includes one box of coffee and twelve pastries

medium | serves 12-18 | 125
includes two boxes of coffee and eighteen pastries

large | serves 18-25 | 180
includes three boxes of coffee and twenty five pastries

hearty breakfast 
assorted pastries, fruit platter, and coffee
small | serves 8-12 | 125
includes one box of coffee, twelve pastries, and a small fruit platter

medium | serves 12-18 | 195
includes two boxes of coffee, eighteen pastries, and a medium fruit platter

large | serves 18-25 | 280
includes three boxes of coffee, twenty five pastries, and a large fruit platter

yogurt parfait
honey sweetened yogurt topped with housemade granola and fresh fruit
individual | 6
serves 12-15 | 65

breakfast pastries
assorted scones, coffee cakes, brioche, muffins, quick breads
3.75 ea

fresh fruit platter
seasonal selection of fresh sliced and diced fruit
small | serves 8-12 | 50
medium | serves 12-18 | 70
large | serves 18-25 | 100

mini breakfast pastry platter
mini: scones, brioche, banana bread, apple cake, blueberry muffin, coffee cake
small | serves 10-12 | 50
large | serves 20-25 | 100

flour favorites
one each of the following: sticky bun, parmesan chive scone, banana bread, muffin, scone, chocolate brioche
serves 6 | 22

whole quiche
-ham, roasted tomato, broccoli rabe, cheddar
-bacon, caramelized onion, goat cheese
-spinach, feta, roasted red pepper
serves 6-8 | 40


food allergy abbreviations:

gf: wheat/gluten free  df: dairy free  v: vegan  veg: vegetarian
*the consumption of raw or undercooked eggs, meat, and fish may increase your risk of food borne illness
**please note that not all ingredients are listed on the menu

ALL ingredient List

Please note that we are not a nut free or gluten free facility; our kitchen processes many items with nuts and flour. We mark those items that are made without nuts or flour “w/o nuts” or “GF”. This means that no flour or no nuts were included in their making. If you have questions please feel free to contact us via email or directly.

We strive to use the best ingredients in all of our products. Our chicken is antibiotic free. Our roast beef is all natural, hormone-free, and antibiotic free for the last 6 months of life. Our lamb is grass fed, all natural, and domestic. Our eggs are from New York and cage-free.