mass ave- central square

190 massachusetts ave.
cambridge, ma 02139
(617) 225-2525
6:30am - 8pm
8am - 6pm
8am - 5pm


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specials for wednesday 8/16
specials subject to change based on availability

quiche * served with side salad 7
smoked turkey breast, rainbow carrots, zucchini, 3 cheeses (w/o nuts)

strata * served with side salad 7
leeks, baby spinach, caramelized onions, swiss (veg, w/o nuts)

pizza 7
-“margherita” basil, fresh mozzarella, tomato (veg, w/o nuts)
-roasted chicken, hazelnut-basil pesto, creme fraiche, budapest peppers, swiss cheese (contains nuts)

soup * served with bread 5
-lentil and mushroom (v, gf, df, w/o nuts)
-tomato and cucumber gazpacho (v, gf, df, w/o nuts)

stuffed bread * served with side salad 7
curried chickpeas, roasted cauliflower, tomato chutney, feta, spinach (veg, w/o nuts)

salad 10
blueberry + gorgonzola, spring onion, yellow wax beans, ciabatta croutons, arugula, raw cider vinaigrette (veg, w/o nuts)

tartine 5
native black currant jam, ricotta, arugula, extra virgin olive oil on artisan toast (veg)

chef bob’s take home dinner special 12
moroccan chicken tagine with sparrow arc farm eggplant and peppers, cous cous, mixed olives, ras el hanout (df, w/o nuts)

w/o nuts: nut free gf: wheat/gluten free  df: dairy free  v: vegan  veg: vegetarian
*the consumption of raw or undercooked eggs, meat, and fish may increase your risk of food borne illness
**please note that not all ingredients are listed on the menu

Please note that we are not a nut free or gluten free facility; our kitchen processes many items with nuts and flour. We mark those items that are made without nuts or flour “w/o nuts” or “GF”. This means that no flour or no nuts were included in their making. If you have questions please feel free to contact us via email or directly.